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Spark AI Summit, Amsterdam 2019

Spark AI Summit Europe, which happened in October, was full of interesting stuff. It was mostly focused on features coming with Spark 3, but not only. Preview release of Spark 3 is already available and can be obtained here. There are a lot of cool features planned, especially when it comes to making Data Science easier on big data and with Spark in particular.

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Spark AI summit 2018 in San Francisco

Last week I attended the Spark AI summit in San Francisco. I was really curious to check what’s the difference between conferences in Europe and in the US. I must say the one in SF was definitely bigger. There were 11 different session tracks to attend and around 4000 people. In terms of organisation and content it was as good as the Spark summit 2016 in Brussels (well, minus the chocolate ;), which I also attended.

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